If God gave Juan de Joya a divine gift, it would have been the gift of the bizzare. Be it setting off a fire alarm in a government building as a kid or nearly acquiring a internship in the pornography industry while stranded in New York, Juan can get in (and out of) some really bizzare situations, which are all (really!) due to circumstance.

Juan de Joya  is currently a third-year Economics/Business Major at the University of California, Berkeley. He is currently the Publisher Sales Manager of AD-Village (www.ad-village.com)  and the Grand Chapter Delegate of the Delta Omega Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi.

Juan lives with his roommates Jason and Leneve in a spacious two-bedroom apartment in Berkeley, California, with his collection of books, robots, and a Jack O’ Lantern stuffed toy. He was forced to pick between cuddling with his lover and surfing Wikipedia, once. He never hears the end of it.