What is NJH?

Juan  first toyed with both writing and MS-DOS when he was three years old. He graduated to Windows 3.1 shortly after, and became an avid fan of Wordpad and Locus. His steady commitment to the electronic word blossomed into a full-on relationship with the public advent of the internet. Many hours were spent looking up character bios of members of the X-Men online as well as transcripted copies of H.P. Lovecraft’s short stories – he still has printed hardcopies filed in old binders at home in Asia. In a terrible foreshadowing of things to come, he also wrote both superhero fanfiction and reviews for comic book websites at the age of ten.

With this background, it comes to a surprise that Juan did not choose to eventually go into writing of some sort. But any hope of choosing this career path was cut short at the age of twelve when his uncle straight up told him and his parents that he would die in Iraq should he become a journalist in attempt to steer him into medical school. 

Regardless of the past, Juan still loves to read and write. He’s glad that technology has finally opened up options for social media that caters to his past time, and enjoys spending hours online writing and/or reading about any given thing that catches his eye. It was inevitable that he would start up another blog – he has done so many times in the past, but stopped because his parents IMed him on Yahoo! Messenger to ask him when the next post would be up. He’s hoping this one won’t be found.

No Juan Here (NJH) is Juan de Joya’s blog about people and places both on and off the interweb. It’s a place for random geekery and the sometimes awesome. First conceptualized as a personal blog, NJH  also serves to highlight different websites and articles of interest that Juan chances upon.