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General Site News, and Making the Front Page of Forbes.com!

Blame the lack of updates on my busy summer schedule – I’m currently heading to Asia to fulfill some familial obligations and filing some applications to attend a conference in both Louisville, Kentucky, and New York. Will be back online very, very soon!

I’ve been doing research on a couple of great article topics and have some interviews on hold until I can get on my feet. Also (FINALLY) getting back to building the CSS code for Very.bad.for.you and fyi.tmi (which have been on display on the nav bar forever), as well as a new blog which I’m really excited about. More news on this in a bit.

In the meantime, please visit http://twitter.com/nojuanhere for twitter updates.

AD-Village made the front page of Forbes.com!

Today, Forbes featured AD-Village’s Sales Manager Juan de Joya, Director of Product Development Oswald Campesato, and myself for this news segment on Forbes.com. It was linked on the Forbes.com front page today, April 27, 2009.Marissalouie under, Marissa “malouie” Louie, Apr 2009

You should read the whole article.