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News.worthy | “You can win a free t-shirt” Results!



Thank you to everyone who participated in the nojuanhere + Bok Choy Apparel contest! Over 42 individuals commented on the shirts, and while I only promised that I would buy an extra two t-shirts if the blog reached at least 50 comments, I figured that everyone should get a A+ for effort and will just give out the extra two t-shirts anyway.


If these comment entries were written by you, then congratulations! You will be receiving an email with further details to clarify and map out delivery.


“beautiful clean vector designs, love them all! Fav that jumped out at me was the black Katipun sun shirt – so vivid and urban. That said, I also love the cute lines of balut, boba, and the others. Great showing, good luck with the line!”


“I love graphic Ts! I really like how the designs keep it simple. My favorites are the rainbow rice and tapioca ones. I would like to see the tapioca T in different colors (in addition). Bok Choy Apparel = cool.”


“i like the melamine free (nostalgia) t-shirt. i’m not a big fan of eating bokchoy the vegetable, but i like the company and its mission statement. :)”


“I LOooooooooooooooove the white rabbit one, but really, I’ll take anything that gives me arms like that model.”


“Mmm hmm, I second the double-male signs as being generally awesome. While they are just t-shirts, I still think what Bok Choy is doing is really important to help carve out a positive cultural space for us Asian Americans. Thumbs up!

P.S. Juan you should try interviewing the guys at Giant Robot next–they’re super cool!”


If your entry is not on the list, don’t worry! Keep updated with our latest contests and interviews on No Juan Here – you just might be the next big winner!

Please visit Bok Choy Apparel (http://www.bokchoyapparel.com) and vote on your favorite t-shirt. We’re not completely done working with them – you never know when the next big t-shirt contest might happen!